Online censorship is a WAR against human knowledge and sustainable civilization

Online censorship is a malicious war against not just human knowledge, but human civilization.

The tech giants — Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter — are at war with humanity.

As a result of that war, we have entered an “online Dark Ages,” I warn in my censorship video (below).

You can also watch the full video (22 minutes) at this link.

Or see the official video channel at:

Humanity is under assault, and it’s the radical left-wing tech giants who are burning all the books, destroying nations and putting the very sustainability of human civilization at risk. (Plus, they’re also begging for nuclear war with Russia by claiming that peace talks are “treason.” Yeah, go figure…) is becoming the “Ark” of censored knowledge that’s being blacklisted and memory holed everywhere else across the ‘net. Request your own free channel at this link.

Watch more here:

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